Summer cottages


The committee for business and growth in Grue municipality unanimously agreed on 25.08.2015 to introduce obligatory waste management for summer cottages and holiday homes in Grue municipality after the chief officer had drawn up a plan for how waste management for such properties is to be organised and fees calculated. The local council determines the waste fee.

Waste management for summer cottages in the form of collection containers is an arrangement for owners of cottages in Grue. These collection containers are set up in the following locations:

  1. Svullrya (former School)
  2. Skasberget
  3. Skasenden (Abborvegen)
  4. Kalatupa
  5. Grue old people's home
  6. Grinder
  7. Sandstad
  8. Namnå nursery school (former school)
  9. Hukusjøen
  10. Rotberget

More specific geographic location details with a map will be published and sent out to property owners by post before siting said containers in 2016.

The containers will have six shopping-bag-sized hatches with lock. All cottage owners in Grue will be sent a key by post to their residential address in 2016. Extra keys can be purchased on application to Servicetorget at Grue Town Hall. In the event of a lost key, a new one must be purchased in person from Servicetorget at Grue Town Hall, tel. 62942000.


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