About us

Solør Renovasjon IKS (SOR) is an intermunicipal company owned by the municipalities of Våler, Åsnes and Grue.

The company has its head office in Åsnes municipality. The company aims to be a player in the waste sector, dealing with waste from both households and institutions such as shops and other commercial operations. The company can establish, own and run facilities for waste management in the participating municipalities according to the requirements set by the authorities. On request from the committee, the company can take on other assignments that are appropriate.

The company shall, on its own initiative, regularly assess relevant aspects of the waste sector and questions linked to waste management, recycling and turnover, and put forward recommendations for new initiatives or changes.

SOR can sign on behalf of companies set up in accordance with Norwegian legislation for limited liability companies, alone or in partnership with others, set up partnerships or intermunicipal companies with other municipalities or intermunicipal companies, and take on assignments for other municipalities or companies.

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