Recycling stations for business customers

All waste from the business sector is subject to a charge at our recycling stations. As a business customer, you can reduce the prices by sorting your waste.

Electronic waste from businesses: Light fittings, electric motors, lamps, dynamos, electric tools, compressors, smoke detectors. Any fixed electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes. Electronic waste from businesses can be dropped off free.

Næringselektro er gratis å levere. 

Sorted waste per m3 NOK 465 excl. VAT
Unsorted waste per m3 NOK 640 excl. VAT
Hazardous waste individual prices, contact before delivery
Assistance with completing declaration (hazardous waste) NOK 288,40 excl. VAT per form

Price per. hour sorting and advice hazardous waste by given fraction type.

Any travel/accommodation costs will be added,

NOK 692 excl. VAT 

Hazardous waste

SOR accepts hazardous waste at our recycling stations. All business customers who deposit hazardous waste must complete declarations for their waste. In 2016 we started with electronic declarations for hazardous waste, see for more info.
Hazardous waste contains substances injurious to health and the environment and must not go in with other waste. It is essential that this type of waste is properly handled so that it does not cause any harm to humans, animals or the environment. Such waste may be combustible, corrosive, toxic, affect the genes or cause allergic reactions.
Municipal facilities are only obliged to accept waste from businesses that generate less than 1000 kg of hazardous waste per year. Businesses are obliged to declare hazardous waste delivered to municipal facilities.

The most essential reasons for this are:
• The producer of the waste receives a receipt to acknowledge that the waste has been delivered.
• The declaration form is registered in the Norsas database, meaning that the authorities and other parties have access to lists of waste producers and quantities delivered.
• The declaration form contains information that is needed for safe handling of the waste.
• The declaration form can be used as a transport document for hazardous goods.

If the recycling station is busy, deliveries with no declaration form may be turned away.

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